About Us

About Niwot Hops

In addition to hops, our small farm along Left Hand Creek produces herbs, flowers, vegetables, and honey. Will and Lisa care deeply about growing organically, and producing and selling locally. 

We are committed to the care of our soil, which we regard as a living organism, no less than the plants, animals, and insects that inhabit our farm. We strive to conserve energy and water. All of our crops are grown on highly efficient drip-irrigation systems. Our hops are dried using a unique solar-powered dryer.

Our farm is home to countless wild creatures including honey bees, coyote, fox, migratory birds, lady beetles, hawks, bunnies, toads, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, turtles, bats, and a family of great horned owls, who keep a keen eye on everything we do! We care deeply about protecting and nurturing this precious habitat.