Growing Hops

After a few years growing hops, we have some advice to offer based on our experience:


  • Don't forget: Hops are perennials! Give your rhizomes a good start and plan for the future. Dig a hole, maybe 2 gallons in size, and amend it with rich soil and compost.

  • Baby the young plants, but be careful! Hops don't like to be wet, but they like to be moist. Don't overwater them.

  • Provide a trellis. Hops like to grow, and grow, and grow. It's up to you. If you can give your hops 16-18 feet, they will love you.

  • Certain varieties of hops grow well in Colorado. We planted Chinook, Cascade, and Crystal -- all have been shown to do well here. Check out the CSU Specialty Crops website for more information.

New shoots emerging from the soil in early spring.