Hop Rhizomes

Ordering Hop Rhizomes from Niwot Hops

We have a limited amount of rhizomes available this year. Please order early.

How to place an order

Please send an email to will@niwothops.com and please include the following information:

Order size: List the varieties and quantities you wish to buy.

Delivery preference: Let me know if you want to pick up at the farm (Boulder County, CO). We'll email pick-up info and details in mid-March. OR, if you would like shipping, include your shipping address please.

Payment preference: We can take checks or cash only. If you want rhizomes mailed, we'll email an invoice to you before the rhizomes are mailed.

If you have questions about growing hops , click here.

2018 Varieties and Prices

Main Varieties: Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Teamaker (Sold Out)

Shipping (per order)
$5.50 each
$4.50 each
20+ Email will@niwothops.com for discounted pricing details. Depends on order size.

Shipping and pick-up

We commonly ship rhizomes to customers around the country. If you're in our area, you can also arrange to pick up rhizomes at the farm on designated pick-up days only (to be announced).

Because of state hop quarantines, we cannot ship to Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.